W. Todd Andros

Chief Executive OfficerTevixMD CorporationSoutheastern, PA
Todd Andros

Bio: William Todd Andros, CEO and Founder of tevixMD Corporation, has an extensive background in the invention, development and marketing of data delivery and management systems in the healthcare industry.

In 1994, he founded TherAssist Corporation after developing and patenting the first electronic note-writing product for physical therapy clinics. TherAssist grew to over 600 sites and was then sold. After some years of developing a back-end, fixed-claim-method data delivery system for healthcare, he founded tevixMD Corporation in 2014 with the patenting and launching of tevixPAS™ – a one-of-a-kind web-based system that gives healthcare providers everything they need, real time, to collect for services immediately; information such as accurate demographics and benefits as well as a patient’s full financial responsibility. His next invention, the tevix TransferAgent, enhances tevixPAS™ by taking the validated, real-time data generated by tevixPAS™ and transferring it into a provider’s billing and EMR systems. Most recently, he developed and launched a unique patient payment system, tevixPAY™, that pays providers for services within 24 hours and offers patients a payment option that truly works for them.

Mr. Andros continues to invent and develop tools that help providers increase cash flow in the new retail healthcare landscape which has rapidly become the norm across all healthcare sectors. Together his inventions work as a single solution and comprise the first ever point-of-sale system for healthcare.