Robert H. Tessier

Senior Reimbursement ConsultantHBP Services, Inc.Woodbridge, CT
Robert Tessier

Bio: Robert H. Tessier earned a Master of Public Health (MPH) in 1972 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. For more than a decade he consulted with radiologists, including many academic chairs.

In 1982 Bob was retained by the Pathology Chair at Cornell/New York Hospital to establish the first private practice in New York City. He was subsequently engaged to establish fee-for-service for Yale Pathology. As the Reimbursement Consultant for the Connecticut Society of Pathologists, Bob negotiated all major payer arrangements. For over 35 years he has actively managed successful pathology groups.

Bob’s consultations focus on hospitals and pathology groups, in particular the payment for Part A services and performance-based incentives for creating value. He negotiates contracts for both pathologists and hospital systems and has directed more than 300 third-party contracts.

Creative deals have been developed with physician office labs that allow the pathologists to bill globally. Clients have been able to maximize income for PCCP billing. Bob’s firm, HBP Services, has also been retained on several occasions to study the fair market value of payments for Part A and technical services. This assure both parties that contracts are commercially reasonable.