Richard VanNess

Director, Product ManagementTriCore Reference LaboratoriesAlbuquerque, NM
Rick VanNess

Bio: Rick VanNess is leading an innovative team at TriCore to fully operationalize various products and services to augment TriCore’s current laboratory testing, diversify its business, and position TriCore for value based care. Clinical Analytics, its first commercialized product, uses advanced and copyrighted algorithms to risk stratify populations and produce real-time actionable insights to help customers improve outcomes and lower the total cost of care. This first product has already been procured by many customers successfully diversifying TriCore and is on schedule to surpass a $1 million in revenue within 1.5 years of its initial release. Completion of this first phase is early validation that TriCore’s value-based strategy is on track and pioneering the disruption of laboratory business in the United States.

In addition to assisting TriCore in its inventive change, Mr. VanNess is also CEO of Mozak, a New Mexico startup focusing on diagnosing and managing mild traumatic brain injury. Additionally, Rick is President of the New Mexico Biotechnology and Bioscience organization which plays an essential role in growing biotech in New Mexico. Finally, he is a Scientific Review for the Univesity New Mexico’s Main Institutional Review Board assuring studies involving human subjects are performed appropriately. Previously, he developed and commercialized the first teleretinal screening network for VisionQuest Biomediocal, an alternative method for patients to comply with diabetic eye exam needs. VanNess has over twelve years of experience in informatics, science, product development, and medical research.

Mr. VanNess holds a Master of Science degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health from New Mexico State University. He was recently honored as one of the Top 40 Individuals under the Age of 40 in New Mexico and is a co-author on a paper discussing Laboratory 2.0 due for publication in the Journal of Laboratory Applied Medicine in November 2018.