Mark Lloyd

Executive Vice President, FounderInspirata, Inc.Tampa, FL
Mark Lloyd

Bio: Mark Lloyd founded Inspirata with the vision of developing and delivering innovative solutions to transform cancer diagnostics. Every patient’s battle with cancer begins with their diagnosis. He is focused on improving patient outcomes by providing optimal information to the physicians who render that diagnosis—pathologists. Dr. Lloyd is a research scientist who aims to leverage digital pathology and image analytics to empower pathologists while driving down healthcare costs.

Dr. Lloyd considers himself an evolutionary cancer ecologist. He believes that nature is our best teacher. He asks the question: how does natural selection optimize cancer population dynamics? Mark leverages his multidisciplinary expertise and collaborative approach to tumor biology to interrogate spatial distributions of cell populations using tools of digital whole slide imaging of histological samples within malignancies and their physical microenvironment.

Previously, Dr. Lloyd was the Core Staff Scientist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa where he directed the Analytic Microscopy Core facility for 12 years. He oversaw the growth of this laboratory into one of the most well-equipped, staffed and respected microscopy core labs in the Southeastern U.S.

The Principle Investigator for multiple peer-reviewed, grant-funded projects in the digital pathology space, Dr. Lloyd is a prolific researcher who also has nearly 75 publications to his name. Additionally, he holds a U.S. patent and has more than a dozen PCTs and provisional patent applications pending. He received the Center for Excellence Award from the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University, and received the Best Scientific Poster Award from NCI for his work with Inspirata technologies. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration in Management.