Jessie H. Conta

Laboratory Genetic Counselor & Supervisor, SCH Dept. of Laboratories; Director of Genetic Counseling Services, PLUGS®Seattle Children's HospitalSeattle, WA
Jessie Conta

Bio: Now a licensed genetic counselor in the Department of Laboratories at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Jessie Conta formerly worked as a clinical genetic counselor for many years. Her transition to the laboratory at Seattle Children’s Hospital was predicated by a desire to help develop the laboratory stewardship program. In her current supervisory role, Conta provides pre- and post-analytic support to the genetics subspecialty labs, participates in genetic test case review, guides the laboratory stewardship program, and leads insurance advocacy efforts related to genetic testing.

Conta is Co-Founder and Director of Genetic Counseling Services for Pediatric Laboratory Utilization Guidance Services (PLUGS), a national collaboration whose mission is to improve test ordering, retrieval, interpretation, and reimbursement.

She received her Masters of Science degree in genetic counseling from Brandeis University.