What Hospital and Health Network Labs Must Know to Comply with PAMA Private Payer Price Reporting

Thursday, May 2nd, 20198:00 AM - 5:00 PM

“How to Structure Your Data When Working with Your Internal IT Team or Third-Party Billing Provider”
— Brian Kemp

“Compliance and Regulatory Issues Associated with the PAMA Statute and the CMS Final Rule for Reporting Private Payer Lab Test Prices: Risks, Consequences, and Often-Overlooked Requirements”
— Elizabeth Sullivan, J.D.

“Understanding the Requirements for Reporting PAMA Private Payer Lab Test Price Data: Who Reports, What is Reported, How to Report, When Penalties Apply, and More”
— Diana Voorhees, MA, CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO

“Lessons Learned at South Bend Medical Foundation: What Works Best and Pitfalls to Avoid When Gathering, Analyzing, and Reporting PAMA Lab Test Price Data”
— Trish Hankila

“Key Recommendations for Reporting Your Lab’s Private Payer Price Data: Identifying Data Sources, Using Informatics Tools, Understanding Where Data is Missing or Inaccurate, and Transmitting Your Data”
— Kyle C. Fetter, MBA, BA; Craig Young

“How We Got to PAMA and this Final Reporting Rule: Understanding the History, Legislation, and Regulatory Processes involving the Medicare Part B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule”
— Joyce Gresko

“What If Your Hospital Lab Doesn’t Have a CFO? How We Used a Task Force Approach to Efficiently Assemble and Accurate Health Insurer Price Data for Submission to CMS”
— Modena Henderson


Diana Voorhees

Diana W. Voorhees

Principal and Chief Executive OfficerDV & Associates, Inc.Salt Lake City, UT
Craig Young

Craig Young

Financial AnalystXIFIN, Inc.San Diego, CA