1st Annual National Lab Sales Excellence Award

This exclusive to the clinical laboratory industry returns in 2017!

The nation’s top producing laboratory sales professionals will once again be recognized for their achievements when the winners of the 2nd Annual National Lab Sales Excellence Awards are announced at the 2017 Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management, May 2-3, 2017!

We will begin to accept nominations of the high-achieving sales professionals in the clinical laboratory industry for the 2017 National Lab Sales Excellence Awards soon!


2017 National Lab Sales Excellence Awards Nominating Form

Awardees will receive recognition and a monetary award, along with expenses and registration to travel to the 2017 Executive War College and participate in the awards ceremony.

“It is lab sales professionals who play a major role in the clinical and financial success of medical labs,” says Robert L. Michel, Editor of The Dark Report and Founder of the Executive War College. “Yet, until our First Annual Awards, presented at the 2016 Executive War College, their contributions had gone unrecognized at the national level. Our National Lab Sales Excellence Awards acknowledge those lab sales professionals who achieve exceptional results in an ethical manner that reflects well on their parent lab organization and the clinical laboratory industry in general.”

The 2017 awards will be given to lab sales professionals in five different sectors of laboratory testing:

  • Hospital Laboratory Outreach
  • Specialty Testing Laboratory (including Molecular Diagnostics, Genetic Testing)
  • Commercial Reference Laboratory (Public and Private)
  • Anatomic/Surgical Pathology Laboratory
  • In Vitro Diagnostics Equipment Company or Lab Software Solution Sales (including LIS and Lab Middleware)

Nominations for the 2017 National Lab Sales Excellence Awards should be submitted by the nominee’s Sales Manager, Vice-President, or Sales Director. To be considered, nominee applications should include actual sales results, feedback from nominating managers, and references from clients. Lab sales professionals will also be judged on variables such as the competitive environment and compliance to all regulations and ethical behavior.


2017 National Lab Sales Excellence Awards Nominating Form

“There was great excitement among lab sales professionals about the National Lab Sales Excellence Awards at last year’s Executive War College,” noted Michel. “Top-producing sales professionals always love to compete against the best of their peers. That has been a benefit to lab owners and lab executives because their labs’ super-performing sales stars have worked even harder throughout this year to surpass expectations and become winners at the 2nd Annual National Lab Sales Excellence Awards.”

If you have questions or need additional information about the 2017 National Lab Sales Excellence Awards, contact Chris Garcia at 512-264-7103.


Winners of the 2016
National Lab Sales Excellence Awards

2016 Lab Sales Excellence Awards Winners



Sean Murnane

Sean Murnane, Sales Representative
HealthLab of Northwestern Medicine

Sean joined HealthLab of Northwestern Health just four years ago and served notice that he would be a tough competitor. After all, he had played defensive line on a Central Michigan University team that won the Mid-American Conference title and the GMAC Bowl and even had a short stint with the Chicago Bears of the National Football league.

During these four years, Sean met or surpassed his quota each year and has finished as the top grossing sales rep at HealthLab for the last three consecutive years. In 2015, Sean generated $2.4 million of new outreach lab business, which was 151% of quota. That performance needs to be viewed in context with his sales performance of 2014. That’s when he sold in excess of $3M. Thus, over that 24-month period, he brought in $5.5 million in new lab revenue for HealthLab. Another measure of his sales accomplishment is that, in 2015, Sean gained 23 new accounts representing 105 physicians who now use HealthLab’s testing services. Sean’s management team also noted that, during 2015, while Sean was accomplishing all of this, he was also finishing first in his MBA class at Purdue University!



Mark Klisman, Diagnostic Services Representative
St. Joseph Mercy Health System

It was 2000 when Mark became the first sales professional for the laboratory outreach program at 304-bed St Mary Mercy Hospital. According to his management team, at that time, lab outreach was just $40,000 per year. By 2015, lab outreach billing exceeded $23 million and Mark’s leadership is credited for that steady and substantial growth over the past 15 years. By the way, Mark M.T. (A.S.C.P) with a Masters in Science Administration (MSA). He started his career as a medical technologist working the bench.

In 2015, the year that providers had to adopt to ICD-10 and the Affordable Care Act insurance products brought many changes to managed care contracting, Mark exceeded 100% of his sales quota and generated $1.7 million in increased revenue for the year. Notably, he sells not just clinical laboratory tests, but also anatomic pathology services.


(Public and Private)


Gabe Licka, Area Business Manager
PACLAB Network Laboratories

PACLAB Network Laboratories is unique in the clinical laboratory profession. Founded in 1996, it is a joint venture that involves seven hospitals in the Pacific Northwest and PAML of Spokane and it competes against national laboratories, regional labs, and other hospital lab outreach programs for test referrals from office-based physicians.

Gabe has worked at PACLAB for 10 years and has 15 years of experience in lab sales. He manages a service and sales team of 13. In this leadership role, he is responsible for maintaining morale, improving service skills and sales performance, and guiding sales strategy at a time when hospitals are buying physician groups, reimbursement is falling, and managed care networks are narrowing. In 2015, all but one of Gabe’s team exceeded quota. Of the three team members responsible for generating new sales, in 2015 they achieved 128%, 149%, and 317% of quota. Overall, Gabe’s team generated organic growth of 11% over the prior year and account retention was better than 99.5%.


(Molecular Diagnostics, Genetic Testing)


Mary Bonnerup, Clinical Specialty Representative-Hematology/Oncology
Mayo Medical Laboratories

Mary proudly notes that she has had the privilege of working at the Mayo Clinic for 25 years. She started in laboratory medicine as a medical technologist and joined Mayo Clinic in 1991 in the hematopathology laboratory. By 1994, Mary had moved into service, then sales. She covers the regions of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

It is important to understand Mary’s accomplishment from this perspective. To quote from her nomination form: “Mary’s compensation is not based on number of tests ordered, rather she is a salaried advisor, which allows her focus to remain on the right test, and not how many tests are ordered. This helps her stay focused on doing the right thing for the patient and representing the MML portfolio appropriately.” In 2015, Mary achieved 208% of her quota and that represented an increase in collected revenue in excess of $1.7 million. This was more than double that of the next most productive sales rep in the heme-onc sales division.




Diane Haley, Laboratory Products Sales Consultant, Cardinal Health

Diane’s sales career at Cardinal Health began 10 years ago, in 2006. Previously, she had sold for a diagnostics manufacturer. One of the toughest segments in the lab test market is to represent a distributor of all the common products and consumables that are used by clinical laboratories. Not only are many of these products, like gloves, considered to be commodity items, but competition is quite intense.

In 2016, in this intensely-competitive sector of laboratory products sales, Diane achieved 110% of quota. More significantly for Cardinal Health, Diane won the laboratory products business of the internationally-prominent Mayo Clinic. These were factors in Diane’s recognition as a Champion Award Winner by Cardinal Health in 2015.